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Bizarre Wedding Rituals Around The World

Marriage is considered as the most sacred thing in the society. It is a special beginning to a man's and woman's life together. However, what if this is practised along with certain bizarre wedding rituals, how would that be?

Find out about the most bizarre wedding rituals that people follow in the world. These rituals define the weird practices that people still believe in and also make others to follow.

With the existence of so many tribes and civilizations around the world, there are various rituals and customs that exist; and this is something that most of us are not even aware of.

Be it wife swapping or a temporary wedding, the list just goes on. These crazy wedding rituals can make you want to discard the idea of marriages in general. So, have a look at the weird wedding practices from around the world.


Temporary Wedding

In Iran, young couples have the freedom to register for a temporary marriage ceremony, for which they can pay and the wedding contract has the date until they can be a man and wife. Once the contract gets over, they can move on!


Exchanging Wives

In the Arctic region of North America and East Siberia, this practice is still prevalent, as people believe that by sleeping with another woman after exchanging their wives, they can confuse the evil spirits!!


Common Wife Of All Sons!

This is a practice that is followed in the Himalayan region. Since there is very less agricultural and farming land remaining in the Himalayas, it cannot be divided into small bits among the sons and hence they have come up with this solution of getting their sons married to the same girl.


Having Sex With Other Partners

In Indonesia, people celebrate a festival called Pon.Pon, 7 times every year. People gather on a mountain and start having sex with others after they are married, apart from their own partners. All this is done to get good luck! If the person is lucky to get the same partner every time, then they would have prosperity, is what these people believe in.


Attack From The Bridesmaids

In China, it is a wedding ritual that is followed in which the bridesmaids form a solid wall to avoid the groom from taking his bride. Only after he is successful in performing certain silly tasks and proves his love to the bride, he is allowed to take her.


The Groom Beaten With A Fish

In Korea, the groom is beaten at his feet with a fish or a cane before his first night, as they believe that this will make him not disappoint his wife and all this is done in a good, fun spirit.

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Story first published: Tuesday, November 8, 2016, 15:48 [IST]
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