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How To Improve Digestive System With Yoga

By Avni Porwal
Yoga for digestive system|Ananda Balasana | Boldsky

Nowadays Yoga has developed into a shape of concrete exercise on the basis of various types of physical poses known as asanas. It stimulates and upgrades balance of mind and body and augments the well being of a person.

The different forms of yoga comprise a combination of breathing techniques, physical postures, meditation, and relaxation.

Yoga Improve Digestive System

History of Yoga

There is no documentary evidence of the fact that who was the person on earth who invented Yoga. The Yogis of the yesteryears passed on their yoga knowledge to their disciples in the ashramas and this practice continued with times. With the advent of different eras, yoga popularized all over the world and slowly and steadily many schools were developed across the world. A male who practices yoga is known as yogi or yogin and the female who practice yoga is known as a yogini. For health and fitness purpose modern world is practicing yoga but the physical poses followed nowadays does not entirely match with the postures followed in the old traditional yogic form. Presently the top priority to practice yoga is to achieve health and fitness. But traditionally yoga gave priority to asanas like pranayama, dharana, and nada. Pranayama constitutes the expansion of vital energy by means of breath, dharana focus on mental balance like proper and pure thinking and nada focuses on sound energy.

At the end of the nineteenth century, the popularity of yoga gained momentum even in the west.

Division of Yoga can be classified and characterized in form of branches like, --- Hath yoga; ---Raja Yoga; --- Karma yoga; --- Bhakti yoga; --- Jnana yoga; --- Tantra yoga.

Improvement in Digestion via Yoga

A person's mouth, pharynx, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine make up one's digestive system. Throughout the day one's digestive system ingests foods, secretes fluid etc. Sometimes one may feel indigestion, stomach pain, diarrhea etc. In these circumstances, certain basic postures of Yoga help a person to improve his digestion.

Yoga exercises that improve digestion

Keep your knees bent by sitting on your heals. Using your eyes to guide you, turn your body to the right, looking over your shoulder. Hold and breathe counting up to 10 in your memory, return to the center and turn to the left in the same manner. Return to center.

Lie on your back. Spread out the legs and bring your right knee in towards your chest. Encircle your fingers around the knee. Elbows are lifted up and out to the side to keep the lungs open. Instead of keeping force on the knee, just round up, and then look down to the length of your extended leg. Hold breath counting up to 5 and then roll down. Lower the right leg and repeat with the left leg. Bring your knees into the chest, and extend away to arms length. Repeat in and away several times. This is a great method for the lower digestive system, as well as, your lower back. Repeat the entire sequence 4-5 times then spread the legs out and relax in Savasana or resting pose.

Lie on your back. Bring both knees in toward your chest and encircle your arms around your knees with full might. Hold the breath normally counting 1 to 10 in mind. Release and lighten your knees and keep them bent, before moving them out and over your hips. Spread your arms out to the side and lie your shoulders and palms of your hands to the floor. Slowly lower your feet and knees over to the right, keeping your shoulders and palms grounded on the floor. Stare towards the roof. You can turn with knees bent and feet off the floor. Return back to the center, lower your bent legs to the left. Move your legs from right to left inhaling to lift and exhaling to lower for four to five times. On the final turning, stay and hold on the right side counting one to ten in the mind. Then lift up and over to the left holding your breath and counting for one to ten in the mind. Finally come back to the center, extend your legs and rest before repeating the sequence.

Thus over the years in the modern era due to the consumption of junk foods etc., the pressure in the digestive system of the persons are perennial in his lifetime. Hence, different forms of Yoga practice helps in keeping the digestive system properly functional. Many people sometimes come to a stage that their digestive system treatment cannot be successful by medication or even surgery but during this phase improvement in the digestive system could be done by Yoga.

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