What You Didn't Know About Your Brain

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The human mind is a mystery. We still don't know a lot about how the mind works. Studying the human brain has always fascinated scientists as it can help us know why we do what we do.

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The whole body seems to be controlled by the brain. In fact, only if your brain works, you will be able to remember who you are and what your identity is.

Now, here are certain interesting things to know about your brain.


Sleep Paralysis

Sometimes, when you suddenly wake up from your sleep, you may be unable to move your hands or legs. That is because your brain is not yet out of the REM Sleeping mode. In such rare occasions, the brain might go haywire and could take some time to come back to normal.


Rational And Emotional

You might wonder why your girlfriend is too emotional and she might wonder whether you don't have a heart.

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The reason: a majority of women are born with a bigger limbic system in the brain. The limbic system is in-charge of emotions. And men generally possess a bigger inferior-parietal lobe that makes them rational.


Processing Data

Men generally use the left part of their brains to process information. But women use both right and left sides when they process any data.



If you think you can get away eating junk food, you are wrong. Your brain too gets affected by what kind of food stuff enters your body. Artificial ingredients and preservatives are said to affect your IQ. Also, fish is said to reduce the risk of dementia. So, mind what you eat.



When you breathe in oxygen, you are bringing oxygen into your system. And nearly 20% of it is utilised by none other than your brain.

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Your brain has 3 different areas or parts. The hind brain controls senses and co-ordination, the mid brain controls awareness and reflexes and the fore-brain controls sense, thoughts, emotions, motor functions and hunger too. Any injury to any of these parts may impair brain function drastically. It may even cause death!



A study claims that kids who learn new languages before the fifth year tend to develop more Grey matter in their brains when they grow up. So, teach your child a new language.

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Art And Mathematics

The human brain has left and right hemispheres. Creative thoughts come from the right side and your analytical thoughts come from the left side. So, if you don't score well in mathematics, don't worry. Maybe, your right hemisphere is more active compared to your left hemisphere. Try your hand in creative fields!

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