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Meditation For Beginners: 13 Tips To Make Meditation Easier
Lord Buddha once said, "Meditation brings wisdom, lack of meditation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what holds you back and choose the path that leads to wisdom." What is meditation? It is defined as a practice where ...
How Is Delirium Different From Dementia?
A disturbed state of mind referred to as delirium, often confused with dementia, involves feelings of illusion, restlessness and incoherence. Read on to know more about delirium, its causes, treatment and how it differs from dementia. What Is Delirium? It ...
How To Stop Your Mind From Wandering While You Meditate
Let's face it: in this fast-paced world, where our minds are stimulated 24/7, the concept of meditation makes most people cringe away as too woo-woo and tough. After all, how do you stop your mind from wandering while you meditate? But ...
7 Science-Backed Tips To Prevent Dementia!
Memories are special moments that tell stories about us, right? Imagine, one fine day, you lose all the memories that you have made throughout the years - such an incident could alter the perception of who you are! Well, as humans ...
How To Prevent Dementia
Here Is How Running & Marathon Helps Strengthen Mental Health
Worshipers of strength and stamina may find in marathon runners their ideals for veneration, but what they perhaps do not realise is that distance running is also associated with superior mental health. The therapeutic/remedial effects of running extend far beyond physical ...
Marathon As Good For The Mind As For The Body Experts
7 Best Tips To Detoxify Your Body And Mind
To remain free from diseases, one has to be healthy both physically and mentally. This is possible only when we try to get rid of the toxins in our body and keep negative thoughts away! There is a high amount of ...
Read This Before Studying For Exams
Your brain function partly depends upon your lifestyle. Yes, what you eat, how much you sleep and how much you move- all these things count. Just sitting in front of your books for the whole day might not help when it ...
Read This Before Studying For Exams
Is Caffeine A Drug?
You know what? Caffeine is the world's most popular stimulant. Its almost everywhere. It is in your coffee, tea, the sodas and even in some desserts that you enjoy after a meal. And yes, it gives you a high whether you ...
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