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Things That Happen To Your Body When You Eat Less Sugar

By Sravia Sivaram

You must be aware of the fact that excessive sugar consumption can affect your health big time! It can lead to issues like weight gain, sharp mood swings and worse, addiction.

Health experts consider sugar to be more dangerous than fat, but we pay very less attention to this silent killer. Sugar is known to be a very comforting food, but eating too much of it can lead to several health issues.

Exactly what happens when eat less sugar depends on the size of your sugar consumption habit. People who are on the high end of sugar consumption show symptoms like anxiety, restlessness and even depression.

There are many good things that will start happening to your body when you eliminate sugar from your diet.

In this article we have explained about what happens when you eat less sugar. Read further to know the benefits of eliminating refined sugar from your diet.


1. After 2 Days:

After two days, you'll notice that the mood swings disappear. The work of the digestive system will return to normal and the body will begin to digest food better. This is one of the top benefits of not eating sugar.


2. A Week Without Sugar:

After a week, you'll feel a surge of strength and energy. You'll notice that your sleep will improve and it will be easier for you to wake up. This is one of the top benefits of eliminating refined sugar.


3. 10 Days Without Sugar:

After ten days, you'll lose about 2-4 lbs. Further, the arterial pressure will return to normal. There will be less harmful cholesterol in the blood vessels.


4. A Month Without Sugar:

After a month, you'll notice that your skin condition would have improved. You'll feel the taste of food much better than before, along with a heightened sense of smell.


5. After A Year:

You'll feel much stronger, tougher and more energized than before. You'll tend to lose a good amount of weight and your immunity levels will also be boosted. This is what happens when you eat less sugar.


6. After 5 Years:

And finally after 5 years, you'll look much better than your contemporaries! You'll also tend to get sick very less often. This is what happens when you eliminate sugar from your diet.

Story first published: Wednesday, August 23, 2017, 10:10 [IST]
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