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Is Caffeine A Drug?


You know what? Caffeine is the world's most popular stimulant. Its almost everywhere. It is in your coffee, tea, the sodas and even in some desserts that you enjoy after a meal.

And yes, it gives you a high whether you have ever realised it or not. And yes, many studies say that it is a drug; a psychoactive drug! But it doesn't come under drugs that create hallucinations. It just affects your mental state.

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Drinking a cup of coffee a day is safe but stay away form energy drinks, caffeine pills and cubes. They may have side effects. Here are some more facts about caffeine....


Fact #1

Firstly, caffeine acts on your nervous system. It quickly makes you alert and helps you move faster. Yes, it creates certain changes in your mind and body after you consume it.


Fact #2

You thought that caffeine is safe compared to all other drugs out there. Of course, you won't die if you have a cup of coffee, but wait. High doses can kill. There are people who died only due to caffeine overdose!

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Fact #3

When you stop its consumption suddenly, even caffeine causes withdrawal symptoms! Those who consume caffeine through pills or supplements may have higher chances of over-dosage and addiction.


Fact #4

Why coffee and chocolate have similarities? Well, its a chemical compound known as theobromine in cocoa that is responsible. It is almost like caffeine.

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Fact #5

Do you need to avoid caffeine? No. In fact, drink a cup of coffee a day. It helps in preventing certain health issues like cancer, type 2 diabetes, dementia and cardiovascular issues. Use coffee like a medicine and use it in moderation.


Fact #6

Pregnant women may need to stay away from caffeine as it is said to raise the risk of miscarriage and insomnia.

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Fact #7

Though it has some health benefits, it is very important to limit its consumption. As caffeine is a stimulant, it can be addictive and may cause withdrawal symptoms too. Also, high doses can kill. Stay away from caffeine pills, supplements and powders. Drink only a cup of coffee a day.