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You Don't Need Coffee To Keep You Awake!

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We all have the habit of gulping a cup of coffee the moment we feel drowsy. Of course, your coffee surely gives you that quick jolt of energy but the problem is that it is just a temporary high.

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After some time, the effect soon wanes and your alertness and focus gets diffused soon. Then you will again feel like gulping more coffee. This becomes a dangerous addiction as you keep filling your belly with coffee but its effect is just temporary.

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Well, you don't need only caffeine to make you feel alert or stimulate your mind. There are other foods which can at least keep you awake during your work day. Too much of caffeine can harm your health in many ways. So, read on to know about the other options.



Yes, yoghurt can do the job of keeping you awake. It can also reduce fatigue. It keeps you active. Just have a cup of yoghurt when you feel like drinking coffee and you will quickly feel good enough to carry on with your work.



This snack can make you feel alert. Eat an apple along with some peanut butter. Apple can be digested easily and peanut butter offers protein. Both of them make you feel energetic.



Even fruits can give you instant energy like caffeine. Fruits contain natural sugar which can energise you fast. Choose citrus fruits as they offer vitamin C.



You might be surprised but even dehydration could make you feel drowsy and low. Drink sufficient water and see the difference.



Enjoy beans as a snack or include it in your meal. They are rich in proteins and also contain complex carbs. Well, beans can offer stable levels of energy.



Eggs contain protein and they keep your energy levels stable. Consume eggs for breakfast or lunch to avoid energy crashes.


Whole Grains

If your diet contains whole grains, you can solve the problem of feeling drowsy during the day. These grains keep your energy levels stable and avoid a crash.

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Story first published: Tuesday, August 30, 2016, 12:05 [IST]
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