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7 Incredible Ways In Which Your Body Heals After You Quit Smoking!

By Chandana Rao

A popular quote goes like this, "every time you light a cigarette, you are saying that your life is not worth living!".

The above statement is extremely true because most of us realise that smoking is a very dangerous habit that could prove to be fatal!

Anyone who cares even the least bit about his health and well-being would definitely think twice before lighting a cigarette and make it an everyday habit.

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Being healthy and smoking do not go hand in hand at all and the effects that cigarette smoking has on your body can affect your quality of life to a great extent.

Smoking tobacco has been one of the most prominent vices in people, since ages; however, according to statistics, in the last decade, the number of smokers has increased globally!

Many a times, even though people know about the harmful effects of cigarette smoking, they are so deep into the habit that they cannot seem to stop!

This is because the nicotine found in tobacco can create a psychological dependency in users by giving them a temporary "high", or a sense of feeling good, that they get addicted to.

This is the reason why many people feel like they cannot function without smoking; however, this vice can slowly kill them!

Smoking cigarettes on a daily basis or even occasionally are known to have many side effects including lowered immunity, extreme weight loss or gain, sinusitis, respiratory infections, lung damage, lung cancer, depression, anxiety, agitation, etc.

Even in people who are exposed to second-hand smoking on a regular basis, some of these side effects can be seen!

So, if you are planning to get healthier and quit smoking, here is how your body can heal; take a look!


Improved Circulation

Smoking can constrict your veins and make the blood flow to various organs weaker, so quitting this habit can improve blood circulation to a great extent.

Heartbeat Is Normalized

It is noted that in heavy smokers, the heart rate and the pulse can be relatively higher, causing heart ailments in the future. When a person quits smoking, the heart rate returns to normal.

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More Oxygen

When you quit smoking the carbon monoxide content that gets into your body is reduced, making way for more oxygen to reach the organs through blood.

Lowered Risk Of Heart Attack

It is noted by many research studies that people who have quit smoking have a much lower risk of heart attacks compared to people who smoke.

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Senses Improve

After a few days of quitting cigarettes a person's sense of taste and smell improve drastically, as these senses would have been inhibited by nicotine while on the habit.

Breathing Improves

The little hair-like features on the lungs known as cilia recover from the damage done from tobacco, thus your breathing rate becomes healthier after you quit smoking.

Lung Capacity Improves

It is said that about 3 months after you quit smoking, your lung capacity improves by 39%!

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