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How Your Face Reflects Vitamin Deficiencies


You don't even need a blood test to know that you lack certain nutrients as your face may sometimes reflect your health condition. A healthy face glows.

When you lack enough sleep, your eyes look tired, right? In the same way, your body starts showing certain signs when you suffer from vitamin deficiencies.

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If you are wondering what those signs are, here are some of them...


Pale Skin

If your facial skin gets pale, it could be due to the deficiency of vitamin B12. If you are feeling tired all the time, and if your memory power is dipping, they are signs that you need more of this vitamin.

Consult the doctor and increase your intake in foods rich in vitamin B12. Sardine, tuna, raw cheese and raw milk may help.


Mouth Ulcers

Both iron deficiency and vitamin B deficiency could cause mouth ulcers. Get some red meat, salmon and milk to load some vitamin B into your system.

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Brittle Hair

Brittle hair could also be due to lack of vitamin B7 or biotin. Dandruff issues and dryness may also trouble you.

If you have been using antibiotics excessively, that could also destroy the bacteria in your intestines and cause the problem. Egg yolks, milk, soy, wheat bran and soy are some foods which may help.


Puffy Eyes

Puffiness could be because of iodine deficiency. If you have puffy eyes without any reason, if your nails are getting brittle and your weight is increasing, you must be suffering iodine deficiency.

Even dry skin could be due to this deficiency. Cranberries, yoghurt, salt water fish and salt are some sources.


Hair Loss

Though there are so many reasons behind hair loss, even vitamin D deficiency could be one reason. Get some sunlight, egg yolks, cheese and milk.

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Iron deficiency can be the reason behind pale and lifeless lips. This deficiency also weakens your gums.

The symptoms of this deficiency show up more clearly in women. Also, the desire to eat ice or mud could also be due to iron deficiency. Eat fish, spinach, beans and red meat.


Bleeding Gums

If your gums are bleeding, you lack vitamin C. You can notice the bleeding while brushing teeth.

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This deficiency could also cause scurvy and muscle aches. Get some vitamin C through citrus fruits, berries, water melon, kiwi and red peppers.

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