What Is Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency?

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The anterior-pituitary gland produces growth hormone. When it fails to secrete enough levels of growth hormone then that condition is known as ADHG deficiency.

Though there are certain symptoms to detect this condition, only a doctor can confirm it as the symptoms could vary from person to person. And yes, there are some treatments options about which a doctor can brief you.

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What causes this condition? There isn't enough evidence on it. Some people are born with it whereas some develop it in their adult lives. Here are some more facts...


Symptom #1

In adults, baldness could occur. Also, the person suffering from this condition could experience depression without any probable reason like a tragedy in life.


Symptom #2

Strength and muscle mass will decrease drastically when growth hormone levels dip.

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Symptom #3

Bad cholesterol levels may go up. Also, the person may feel very tired even after a minute of light exercise.


Symptom #4

The person may lose interest in romance. In men, erections may fail and libido may dip drastically.

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Symptom #5

Belly fat could also start accumulating after growth hormone levels dip.


Symptom #6

In some, heart problems and chronic fatigue could also occur. The person may not be able to bear normal weather conditions too.


Symptom #7

In children, this condition may result in delayed puberty, obesity and slow growth. Generally, such kids may not grow as tall as their peers and may look much younger than other kids in the classroom.

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