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How Physical Condition Affects Mental Health

Whether we realise it or not; even emotional health can affect physical health. This clearly means that there is a link between the physical health and the mental health.

Most of us see the mind and body as two different entities but actually they are linked and that is why each affects the other in many ways.

How Physical Condition Affects The Mind

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Are you wondering how the body and the mind influence each other? Then here are some examples which explain the same.



A study claims that the food you eat can have its effect on your moods, cognitive faculties and even behaviour too. Also, eating more of processed foods could cause mental issues like depression, says a study.

Also, nutritional deficiency could affect mental states. For example, if your diet lacks enough omega 3 fatty acids and micro-nutrients, it could raise the risk of depression.



Even dehydration could affect your mental states. When your body lacks enough of water you tend to feel low and your ability to concentrate may get impacted.

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Even thinking clearly could seem to be impossible if you are dehydrated. Dehydration could also cause anger and confusion.


Physical Activity

When your body performs intense physical activity like exercise, your brain releases serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine which boost your moods.

This is one way in which the body affects the mind. Also, when you are experiencing anxiety, stress or depression, a quick workout can help you cope up due to the release of endorphins after exercise.



Those who fail to get enough sleep may fall prey to negative thinking. In fact, insufficient sleep could make one emotionally vulnerable. This is one area where the physical body affects a mental state. In fact, sleep issues can cause anxiety, depression, ADHD and even bipolar disorder.


Substance Abuse

Smoking, drinking and drug abuse can make many mental disorders worse. This is one habit which establishes a clear link between the mind and the body.

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One more area where the link between the body and the mind can be seen is during fever. When you are down with fever, you tend to experience feelings of loneliness, sadness or anxiety more.



People who have healthy relationships and love in their lives seem to enjoy better mental health than those who don't have harmonious relationships in their lives.

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