How Intercourse Works Like A Medicine For Some Health Issues

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Of course, you don't need an excuse to make love to your life partner. But you will be surprised if you know that nature offers you an incentive just to love your partner better!

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Yes, intercourse is therapeutic. It acts like a medicine. It can cure certain minor ailments. It can prevent some major ailments too.

What are you waiting for? Read on to know how it acts like a medicine to cure some health issues.



It can help prevent common cold too. Intercourse stimulates a particular mechanism in the immune system that can kill germs that cause cold.



If your partner gives headache as an excuse, you can convince her that intercourse can cure it!

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A study revealed that making love can reduce the pain (headache) by 29.5%!



Intercourse involves moving your body in several ways. It is a good exercise for your joints too.

Recently, health experts have realised that intercourse can help people suffering from arthritis.

It can minimise the pain and may also reduce the inflammation.


Dental Issues

Kissing can prevent tooth decay. Even going oral is said to secrete saliva that prevents the build up of plaque.



A hangover can make you feel dizzy, grumpy and low in the morning. But if you make love at that time, you might feel better.

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Intercourse releases both oxytocin and endorphins. They boost your mood. Lovemaking also stimulates your muscles.


Ageing Issues

Certain chemicals are responsible for glowing skin. They get released more when you make love.

People with active love life are said to age slower than others. It is the best anti-ageing remedy.

Intercourse releases a compound that protects the collagen in the skin. Also, it kills your stress levels. This way, it is good for your skin too.



Intercourse releases certain chemical that simply calm you down and make you feel better.

It can prevent depression. It can boost mood. In fact, some studies say that semen works like an antidepressant!


Heart Issues

Intercourse is heart healthy, say experts. It is a good cardiovascular activity. It is like going for a jog.

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Twice a week, if you enjoy making love, you will be able to reduce your risk of suffering heart attack.



Intercourse can calm you down, relieve your tension and reduce your stress levels. It is the best remedy for your day to day issues.


Creativity Issues

Those who are into creative jobs may occasionally reach a phase where they get no ideas. Thinking process might get stuck. That is when an intercourse session helps.

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Romance releases creative energy. Your creative juices will flow better after you cuddle with your loved one.

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