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Why Eating Lunch At Your Desk Is Bad?

At the workplace, most of us try to finish the lunch at the work desk itself. It seems to be very convenient, right? You don't even need to get up and you don't even need to get diverted from your work.

But is it a healthy practice? Well, no. It is better to stop that practice, say health experts. You may miss several other advantages if you eat your lunch at your work desk itself.

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Though your focus is on productivity, the practice of munching food at your workstation neither helps you do more nor does it help your health. Are you wondering why? Then read on.


You Need A Break!

Firstly, moving away from your workstation gives you a much needed break from your work. That can help your brain shut down the work related thoughts and relax for a while. It recharges your brain for a while.

Your Mind Needs Some Fresh Vibes

When your brain and body move to a different location, they tend to absorb a different vibe which is other than your work-related stuff. That refreshes you a lot and helps you in giving your best when you get back to the workstation.

Do You Like Socialising?

And how about socialising? Yes, having your lunch with colleagues helps in socialising with others and building bonds. But wait.

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If you hate gossiping or the regular boring office politics that your colleagues discuss, you can go out for a walk. That is much better than eating your meal at the workstation. It also burns a few calories.

Your Mind And Body Love Movement

Physical movement is very necessary for mental stimulation. Just move out of your office in lunch time and spend some time under a tree or meditate or simply keep walking and see the difference. When you come back, you won't feel sleepy at your desk.

What About Mindful Eating?

It helps in mindful eating. Yes, when you eat while working in front of your work station, you can't eat mindfully. But when you go to the cafeteria and eat, you can focus only on the activity of eating. It helps you absorb your food well as you tend to chew well and relish the food that you offer to your body.

How About Music?

What else you can do in lunch time? Well, listen to music on your mobile while you eat food in the cafeteria. It isn't a bad idea at all.

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Bottom Line

Remember this: Eating food isn't an activity that involves throwing spoonful of edible matter into your throat.

It is much greater than that. Your food offers energy and health. And your health offers peace of mind. It all starts from the food you eat and how you eat it.

Eat it mindfully just like the way you try to worship god with all your sincerity. Your health will surely thank you!

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