What Made You Wake Up Late Today?

Some of us regret almost everyday for waking up late and being late to work. But have you ever wondered about the causes of waking up late?

Sleep is the next important necessity for your body after food. In fact, proper sleep is enough to make you look good.

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Putting aside your diet issues or habits like smoking and drinking, let us look at what other reasons could be behind your inability to wake up on time.


Breaking Your Body Clock

Your sleeping and waking states are governed by your biological clock. If you have the habit of eating on time and sleeping on time, your body can effortlessly maintain the sleep cycles.

But if you sleep on different timings almost every night, the sleep cycles get disturbed. That is one reason you may wake up late and tired.

Sleeping More During The Weekends

Sleeping less during the working days and sleeping more during the weekends could also disturb your biological clock. Trying to get enough sleep everyday is wiser than trying to catch up on lost sleep during weekends.

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Set your alarm clock to a particular time and wake up when it rings. Waking up several times when the alarm rings and pressing the snooze button to again sleep is an unhealthy practice as it could make you feel tired when you wake up.

Sleep involves several stages. You body needs to undergo various phases to reach deep sleep. It is not wise to wake up again and again.


When you go to bed, if your eyes sense light, your body will slow down melatonin production. Its a hormone that helps you fall asleep. So, if you have the TV switched on then you may take more time to fall asleep. Also, the light from laptop screens and mobile phones can spoil sleep.


Not eating breakfast can also be one reason. If you skip breakfast, your body may release stress hormone cortisol. Also, your breakfast allows your body to kick start itself and count it as the beginning of the day.

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Starch Before Bed

Eating starchy foods and sweets just before bed is one reason for bad sleeping patterns. Foods with high glycemic index may increase cortisol too. Potatoes, sweets, cakes or pizzas should not be eaten for dinner.

Messy Bedroom

Clutter, dust and mess in the bedroom can also spoil your sleep patterns. Keep your bedroom tidy and organised to fall asleep on time and wake up on time.

Hot Shower

Just before you go to bed taking a hot shower isn't advisable. Generally, your body temperature dips during the night to facilitate sleep. But a hot shower may impact the body temperature making it tough to fall asleep.

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