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Can You Cut A Tablet Into 2 Pieces?


You must have seen some people cutting a tablet into two halves and consuming one half and storing the other for later use. Is it okay to do that?

Well, this practice is normally followed when a medical store near your home has tablets of a higher dosage than your requirement.

For example, if you were prescribed a tablet of 50mg and if you end up buying a 100mg tablet, you may break a 100mg tablet into two pieces and consume only one half. But is it safe? Well, let us discuss some facts here...

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Fact #1

Firstly, call up your doctor and inform him or her about the same as not all tablets are meant to be split. If your doctor says yes, you can go ahead with splitting the tablet.


Fact #2

Some tablets get a split mark on the top. Some tablets come with a symbol that says about splitting.

Read the printed matter on the tablet package for any information about splitting the pill. If you don't find these clues, maybe your tablet isn't meant to be cut into two pieces.

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Fact #3

When it comes to pills, they are never meant to be cut into pieces. Pills contain powder inside and when you cut them, the medicine is lost.


Fact #4

Some tablets are meant to work very slowly on your system; they shouldn't be cut into two. They may lose their effectiveness.


Fact #5

Some medicines may become ineffective if they are exposed to air for more than a few minutes. So, tablet splitting won't work in such a case.


Fact #6

When you cut one half, where do you keep the other half? Storing it becomes a problem as dust may accumulate on it before your future use.

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Fact #7

Can you carefully cut it into equal halves? Impossible. When you fail to cut the tablet into two equal halves, your dosage may go wrong. Some medicines may not be effective even if there is slight variation from the prescribed dosage.

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