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Do Painkillers Cause Infertility?

By: Nikita

Modern medicine has done wonders for people who would like to live a healthier and longer life.

With the invention of blood pressure pills, first-aid solutions and other important medicines, human beings are happier than ever before.

However, there is a flip side to this, as there is a set of medicines that will do their job but affect other organs of your body adversely.

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This usually happens when people take certain medicines in excess. Self-medicating is another possible cause of medicines doing more harm than good.

These days, there are 3-4 solutions to every small issue. Got a headache? Simply swallow a tablet to shoo the headache away!

Does your back hurt? Don't worry, take a simple tablet and get relief in 20 minutes.

Do pain killers cause infertility

Manufacturers and promoters of medicines make it seem like over-the-counter tablets and sprays are completely safe to be used.

This is not completely true, especially if someone is trying to get pregnant or is already pregnant.

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Continue reading to know the hard facts about how taking an excessive amount of painkillers can cause infertility in women of various ages.

Do Pain Killers Cause Infertility? Facts And Figures
According to a well-researched study, seemingly harmless, over-the-counter painkillers with active compounds such as ibuprofen and diphenhydramine can reduce a woman's chances of getting pregnant by almost 75%.

These compounds, amongst others, found in painkillers are known to be a leading cause of ovulation dysfunction in women of various ages.

Do pain killers cause infertility

Plausible Reasons Why Painkillers Cause Infertility
Anti-inflammatory medicines such as ibuprofen and diphenhydramin work by inhibiting the prostaglandin production, which is excellent when you need a headache to vanish; however, taking too many of these tablets can also affect your ovulation cycle.

Various studies have indicated that ibuprofen and similar compounds when taken for 10 days at a stretch can temporarily disturb the ovulation cycle.

This implies that if taken for a longer period of time, these effects can be severe and permanent.

Do pain killers cause infertility

Moderation Is The Key To A Healthy Life Before Pregnancy
If you are aiming to get pregnant anytime in the near future, then an excellent way to start your beautiful journey would be to slowly cut down on taking painkillers and substitute it with natural treatments instead, to get a good relief from headaches and other pains.

Before consuming your next dose of painkillers or any other potent over-the-counter medicine, consult your family doctor first.

Alternately, consider switching to natural remedies that are safe yet effective, especially in the long-term basis.

Do pain killers cause infertility
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