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Antibiotic-resistant Infections On The Rise, Reveals New Study
Be it a fever or an allergy - antibiotics are our go-to. Powerful drugs that help protect our body from bacteria, antibiotics when used appropriately, are quick and effective. It can help eliminate infections and thereby improve one's health in a ...
Antibiotic Resistant Infections On The Rise Reveals New Study

What You Should Know About Opioid Epidemic?
Overdosing of opioids has been causing the death of several people primarily in the United States. This involves the addiction and misuse of opioids (heroin, synthetic opioids and prescription pain relievers). This has turned into a national crisis. It not just ...
What Is Polypharmacy? What Are Its Side Effects?
When a person uses more medicines than are medically necessary, then it is referred to as polypharmacy. Technically, the use of five or more medicines would be referred to polypharmacy. It is much common in the elderly as with them there ...
What Is Polypharmacy Side Effects Of Polypharmacy
7 Ways To Combat Weight Gain Due To Medication
You might be abiding by every rule of the diet and workout regimen and in spite of that, you could still be gaining weight. This might be because of the medicines that you are taking for certain health conditions. Some medicines ...
These Ayurvedic Medicines Are Not Safe For Your Kids!
Ayurvedic medicines have clearly helped people across the world in leading healthier lives. But, like any other stream of medicine, Ayurvedic therapies and medicines, can also bring about adverse effects, if they are incorrectly used, administered in the wrong manner, or ...
These Ayurvedic Medicines Are Not Safe For Your Kids
11 Commonly Prescribed Medicines Have Highest Depression Risk
Medical science has shown a massive improvement over the last decade. Several ailments that had no cure ages ago have finally found a relieving mechanism. However, with each medicine you consume, there are chances that you could show some body signs ...
9 Surprising Reasons For Frequent Urination
Imagine this, you are in an important meeting at work, which started right after you used the restroom, but 20 minutes into the meeting, you feel like you want to pee, again! Well, this can be quite frustrating and embarrassing as ...
Surprising Reasons For Frequent Urination
These Alternative Medicines For Headaches Actually Help!
A lot of people who suffer from the pain of headaches are reaching out for alternative medicines, as they prefer to avoid taking drugs or medicines. A headache is defined as a constant pain in the head, be it a chronic ...
Alternative Medicines For Headache
How To Fix Stiff Neck In One Minute
A small change in posture; a slight improper turn; an ‘incorrect' twist; over exertion; stressed neck; holding the neck in the same position for a long period. These are some of the occasions that may leave you with a stiff neck. ...
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