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Benefits Of Sitting On The Floor And Eating

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Many Indians have the habit of eating on the floor. Today, most of us tend to eat on the dining table. But there are some benefits of sitting on the floor and eating.

Of course, you don't need to suddenly change your habit if you have problems like joint pain which make it difficult to bend and sit on the floor.

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But if you are still young enough then here are some benefits of sitting on the floor to eat.


Boosts Digestion

Sitting on the floor to eat is said to boost digestion. Firstly, the sitting position itself is favourable for digestion and secondly, it stimulates the muscles around your digestive system. That helps in digestion.


Good For Your heart

Your blood circulation improves when you sit on the floor and eat. This will also boost your heart health.

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You Won't Overeat

The vagus nerve is said to function efficiently when you sit on the floor. It signals your mind when you are full. So, this could prevent overeating.


Good For Your Joints

Sitting on the floor almost works like 'padmasana' which is good for your joints. Sitting on the floor and getting up will keep your bones and joints flexible.


Stretches Your Muscles

When you sit on the floor, your stomach, pelvis, lower back and even abdomen stretch a bit and this helps in keeping your muscles flexible.

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It Has A Calming Effect

Last but not the least, sitting on the floor and eating has a calming effect on your body. It also improves your posture and also helps you eat mindfully appreciating the taste, smell and the appearance of your food.

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