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Why You Don't Need Drugs To Boost Testosterone

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You don't need drugs to boost testosterone. Only two things come to our minds when we hear the word testosterone: libido and muscle mass. But there is a lot more to it.

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Also, we think only men have this hormone in them but even women do have it. Okay, why should we worry about T levels? When your T levels are healthy, it is good for your muscle mass, libido, energy levels, bone health and mental agility.

And we are made to believe that only drugs can boost T levels. Some people even try various supplements which never work. In fact, they may also create side effects. Without consulting a doctor, if you ever fall into the trap of using such pills, your health may go for a toss.

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Instead, try simple ways to restore your T levels naturally. It isn't tough. Read on...


Try HIIT And Weight Lifting

Lifting heavy is one good natural way to boost your testosterone. Also, HIIT is a form of exercise where you engage most of your muscles intensely for a short span of time. Its like running fast for one minute and doing sit ups for one minute and again running fast for a minute and doing sit ups for a minute and so on. HIIT lasts only for 4-5 minutes. But when you intensely engage your muscles, your body produces testosterone to speedup the recovery process.


Don't Touch Sugar

Insulin can alter your T levels and diminish your T levels drastically. Therefore, stay away from sugary foods as much as possible.


Get Some Vitamin D3

You should get more of Vitamin D3 from your daily diet as it helps your body produce testosterone. In fact, this vitamin is more of a hormone and it boosts T levels, immunity and your bone health too. In fact, most of us could be already suffering from Vitamin D deficiency. Most of us are not getting enough of sunlight and this could also be the reason for its diminishing levels.


Have An Active Bed Life

This would be your favourite tip but seriously, your bed life can also impact your T levels. Keep yourself and your loved one happy by participating in regular romance.


Maintain The Right Posture

Stay relaxed and maintain healthy posture as a new study claims that even your posture can influence your T levels either positively or negatively.


Get The Mineral Zinc

Eat lots of leafy greens and if possible, red meat to get some zinc into your body. Zinc has its own role in producing more testosterone. If your brain has to decide on producing more testosterone, your diet should contain enough zinc. But too much of zinc is also not so good.


Don't Ignore Fat

Though too much of fat is dangerous, some amount of it is required. T levels require some types of fat. Consume tuna, flaxseed, salmon, peanut butter, nuts and avocados.


Minimise Stress

More stress would mean more cortisol and less testosterone. Stress can spoil your immunity, trigger fat gains, reduce your muscle mass and also kill your T levels. Get enough sleep and learn to relax.

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Story first published: Saturday, February 6, 2016, 8:01 [IST]
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