Foods For a Beautiful Butt

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A butt looks beautiful when it is round, full and firm. Not too big, not too small and not too flat. Well, you must have already tried many butt exercises to accomplish this goal. But after all those lunges and squats never made you happy then you need to check your diet.

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Many women crave to own a bubble butt that makes all other women envy them. If you are wondering whether eating a lot helps, then it wont. There are certain foods for bigger buttocks- you might need to try them at least for a month to see if your butt workouts and diet are helping you.

Blindly increasing your calorie consumption isn't going to help. Remember this- a bigger or a beautiful butt need not be really big. If you tone several other areas, if you get rid of some unwanted fat, if you workout to make your curves stand out then your backside scores all points.

So, your diet has an important role here as you should focus on providing all the necessary nutrients to build the muscles there and maintain the right amount of fat.

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To boost the growth rate of your butt, you should have a proper diet strategy. Muscle growth has two phases. One is the resistance phase and the other is recovery process. If you are applying resistance through a good butt workout, eat the following foods during recovery phase.



Choose nuts as your snacks. Get different types of nuts and eat a handful of them every day. Peanuts, cashews and almonds are good to start with.


Whole Wheat

Ditch white bread and embrace whole wheat bread which is brown in colour. It contains more calories, fibre and also gives you a full feeling.


Greek Yoghurt

Greek yogurt contains saturated fat and may quickly add up to your butt size. But eat it in moderation to avoid obesity.



You need fruit juices and milk shakes too during your butt building phase. Don't worry about the calories as long as you keep your butt workouts intense.



You need carbs though you might hate them for any reason. Include potatoes in your diet as they contain enough calories, potassium and vitamins.



Your butt needs tuna in your diet. It contains both protein and fat. use it in your brown bread sandwich.


Eggs And Skinless Chicken Breasts

Protein is your best friend if you are planning to make your butt larger and firmer. Eat eggs and chicken and ensure that you continue your butt workouts.


Dry Fruits

Dry fruits surely help you make your butt look bigger as they are calorie-rich. Eat a handful of raisins or other dried fruits after your butt workout.



This fruit provides, fibre, potassium and essential vitamins, minerals and monosaturated fat. Eat it in moderation as you would want only optimum levels of fat.

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