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Surprising Facts About Obesity

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Eating is a necessity but today's society made it a pleasure. And this has increased the obesity rates in the world. And in today's times, we have thousands of varieties of foods to indulge in.

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In fact, food has become a billion dollar industry. Even though various programs are trying to raise the awareness among people, the rates of obesity aren't decreasing. Of course, obesity is not a reuslt of only overeating. Many other factors can also play a role in it.

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If this trend continues, we may have to lose more people in this world for obesity than any other health disorder. We all know about all other health concerns that obesity can lead to. Now, let us know some surprising facts about obesity.


Fact #1

A study says that 78% of the obese people ate outside most of the time. This clearly shows that home-cooked meals are healthier.


Fact #2

A study reveals that the diet of a father might affect the food habits and health of the baby. That is why eating healthy foods before conception is advisable.


Fact #3

A study proved that insufficient sleep can lead to obesity. If you sleep very less for a week, you my have chances of gaining at least 1-2 pounds.


Fact #4

Statistics reveal that the number of people dying in this world due to obesity is far higher than the people who are dying due to lack of food. This is an alarming situation.


Fact #5

In the developed nations, only the uneducated people are obese due to lack of awareness. But in developing countries, only the educated class is obese as uneducated people are suffering malnutrition issues.


Fact #6

If you are a meat eater then this might shock you. The chicken that is available in the market today is said to contain high levels of fat (nearly 250% more than the fat content in chicken 3-4 decades ago.


Fact #7

Another study claims that a person who consumes a burger, chips and a sugary drink needs to walk for nearly 5 hours at a stretch to burn those calories!

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Story first published: Sunday, January 31, 2016, 8:00 [IST]
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