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What's The Best Lunch To Avoid Sleepiness?

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Sometimes, it is tough to pass the post-lunch phase in office without feeling sleepy. Well, why do we feel sleepy? Many factors play a role. The quality of your sleep the previous night, your overall lifestyle, your sugar intake, your energy levels and of course a heavy lunch. Any of these can make you feel sleepy.

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Generally, most of us eat rice, roti, chapati, parota, sandwiches, burgers, pizzas and other foods for lunch. How about trying a different lunch? Well, what's the best lunch to avoid sleepiness? To begin with, it is better to avoid a heavy lunch as that can induce drowsiness.

Also, try to reduce your carb intake for lunch. But don't avoid eating carbs; you need them. Shift your carb intake to some other time but not lunch time. Though reducing your portion size at lunch helps a bit, don't forget to increase your portion size at other meals of the day. Otherwise, you might feel deprived.

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Now, here are some lunch ideas to try out. These are very light and easy to digest foods. But they can't satisfy your hunger. Therefore, eat something heavy for your breakfast or evening meal in order to survive without feeling deprived.



Add all your favourite vegetables to the omlette enjoy it as lunch. This will keep you full and also provide protein for your body. Eat an apple after that.


Sandwich+Green Juice

Green juices are packed with nutrients. They have some protein, vitamins, minerals, fibre and they can also keep you alert after lunch.


Roti+Roast Beetroots

If you can't live without eating roti, prepare a curry by roasting beetroots. Eat two rotis with the beetroot roast. Its healthy and helps you stay normal without feeling drowsy.


After A Plate Of Idli, Eat Some Dates

Do you know that dates offer energy instantly? Well, they are also packed with essential minerals especially potassium. Firstly eat something light like a plate of idli as lunch and eat dates when you feel sleepy.


Banana+Cashew Nuts+Fruits

If you are okay even without eating carbs in the form of roti for lunch then try this. In a cup of yoghurt, mix one or two bananas and some cashew nuts. They can keep you full without making you feel sleepy.


Sandwich+Baked Potatoes

Try baked potatoes. They boost your blood sugar levels and make you feel energetic. But eat them in moderation after having a sandwich.



If you eat a salad, you can avoid sleepiness and at the same time allow your body to detox. Eat a chapati or two and then eat a salad with your favourite vegetables.



In a cup of yoghurt, add some strawberreis and black berries. This simple snack can also keep you full without making you drowsy. If the meal isn't satisfying your hunger, eat a boiled egg too.

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