Is There A Diet To Increase Height?

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Some people grow tall whereas some of us are short. Growing tall makes us feel good and it may also help us develop self esteem. Therefore, we often try to grow taller using several methods.

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Frankly speaking, your height depends upon several factors. Your genetics, your lifestyle and your diet also plays a role.

So, is there a diet to increase height? Well, though men have slight chances of growing tall till they reach 25 years, women generally stop growing tall after 19 years.

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But if you try the right diet and exercise in the right age then you might increase your chances of growing taller. In fact, consuming foods that regulate the action of human growth hormone is recommended. Ensure that you never miss protein, vitamins and minerals in your diet.



When it comes to protein sources from animals, chicken would be the best one to rely on. Include it in your diet to help the growing muscles of your body.



During teenage, it is very important to supply your body with enough calories. Grains like rice and wheat are important. They contain carbohydrates, iron, fibre and vitamin B which play a role in your growth.



If you have to grow taller, your bones need to expand too. Milk contains Calcium which plays an important role in the maintenance of your bones. Also, milk contains proteins and vitamin A. Consume a couple of glasses of skimmed milk.



Most of us are not aware of the fact that soybeans are rich in proteins. Ensure that you consume at least 50 grams of soybeans a day to grow taller.



Make sure you eat 3 eggs a day during the growing phase. They contain protein and riboflavin.


Fruits And Vegetables

Try to include as many varieties of fruits and vegetables in your diet as they provide fibre, vitamins and minerals to your growing body.


Dairy Products

Dairy products include cheese, cream and yoghurt. Include them in your diet as they contain Vitamin A,B,D and E along with protein and Calcium. Such nutrients are important during the growing phase.

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Story first published: Friday, February 5, 2016, 8:01 [IST]
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