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Why Sleep Is The Best Painkiller?

A new study claims that a couple of hours of extra sleep can in fact minimise the pain sensitivity. It works better than a pain killer.

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Researchers opine that 10 hours of sleep in some cases can effectively reduce pain. As a part of the study, researchers made 18 people sleep for 4 consecutive nights. Some of them were made to sleep for 6 and some 8 hours where some slept for 10 hours.

Those who slept for 10 hours were the ones who could touch a heat source for a few seconds longer compared to the others. Researchers say that sleep worked more effectively (in this case) compared to a pain killer known as codeine.

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Pain sensitivity increases when one goes sleep derived and tired. Most of us sleep less and rely more on painkillers. Now, lets us know other reasons why sleep is better than painkillers.


Reason #1

Overuse of painkillers may interfere with the nervous system and this may alter the way pain signals are processed by your brain. Tolerance may also develop.


Reason #2

There is a risk of addiction. Taking them often may get you addicted. Like any other addiction, even this addiction could have serious consequences.


Reason #3

Another study claims that people who have history of alcohol abuse or drug abuse tend to have higher chances of getting addicted to painkillers.


Reason #4

Some painkillers also have withdrawal symptoms. This may make you undergo severe lows after quitting the usage.


Reason #5

Some painkillers also affect your endocrine system. Hormones and libido may also get affected if used for a long time.


Reason #6

Painkillers tend to only mask the pain and hide the main reason behind a problem. This may suddenly complicate the main problem in the long run.


Reason #7

Sleep doesn't have any side effects and it's the most natural way to repair and rejuvenate the body. Therefore, it is better to first catch sleep and then consult a doctor when it comes to dealing with pain.

Story first published: Wednesday, August 3, 2016, 8:20 [IST]
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