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Shocking: Can Sodas Cause Depression?

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We all know that sodas are bad for the body but some studies say that they are also bad for your mind. After studying 260,000 subjects, researchers claim that soft-drinks could also cause depression.

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All sweetened drinks including coffee and tea tend to have certain physical and mental consequences though we realise it or not.

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When researchers studied the consumption of several sweetened beverages like coffee, tea and soda on more than 2.5 lakh people they came to a conclusion that there is a link between depression and such beverages.

Here are some more facts...


Fact #1

Drinking four or more servings of soda a day could raise the risk of depression by 30%. Most of us are not yet aware of this fact.


Fact #2

Though researchers are not yet clear whether sodas have direct connection with depression, they say that artificial sweeteners are dangerous.


Fact #3

Researchers claim that even diet sodas and other low-calorie drinks can also cause this problem. This could be because of the aspartame present in most of those sodas.


Fact #4

Also, researchers say that people who already suffer depression could suffer more if they consume aspartame. Other issues it could cause are insomnia, migraines and unhealthy blood sugar levels.


Fact #5

Researchers speculate that the reason behind depression could be aspartame lowering serotonin levels in the body.


Fact #6

In another study, aspartame has triggered migraine in some subjects who suffered migraine. Other symptoms it may trigger are shakiness and dizziness.


Fact #7

So, researchers claim that staying away from beverages that contain aspartame is better. It is better to reduce your risks by consuming water instead of sugary sodas.

Story first published: Tuesday, August 2, 2016, 6:21 [IST]
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