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How Junk Food Is Engineered

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All of us know that junk foods are unhealthy. In fact, we also know the fact that they contain empty calories which serve no purpose and they also contain other ingredients that do more harm than good to the body.

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But still, why are all of us addicted to junk foods? What's the reason behind it? Well, the makers of junk foods engineer those foods in such a way that we crave to eat them more.

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The main objective of any junk food is to appeal to your senses and feel tasty to your tongue and get addictive fast. At least, that is how any junk food manufacturer would think. Their sole aim is to provide you taste and make you an addict.

Here are some more facts about junk foods.


Fact #1

In most of the commercials of junk foods you tend to observe lines like 'one is not enough'. Well, such advertisements indicate that they wish to create a food that you can't resist eating.


Fact #2

Some of the junk foods tend to have a direct impact on the brain. Your brain simply sends you a signal saying more after tasting some foods.


Fact #3

Most of the junk food manufacturers have thrived on the hidden temptations and cravings we all have. When they wake up those temptations by rich imagery in the commercials, we feel tempted to go out and grab a bag of chips.


Fact #4

Just like tobacco and alcohol even sugar and salt can have an addictive control over the human brain.


Fact #5

They come with labels which sound like healthy stuff (for example diet, low fat, low sodium). In fact, even those foods are dangerous to your health.


Fact #6

Also when crowds of people eat something, we naturally tend to eat it in order to feel a sense of belonging to the crowd. Junk food makers also cash in on this principle.

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