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Are You Tired After First Innings?


If you are a man and if you are finding it tough to get ready fast for a second innings, then there must be some issue with your lifestyle. Well, if your girlfriend is young, then she might obviously want you to keep her happy multiple times on the same day.

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What would you do in such a case if you are feeling so tired and exhausted only after first session? Well, drugs and pills may temporarily make you a champion but sooner or later they expose your weakness to her.

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So, try to naturally build up your stamina by removing what's stopping your power from showing itself in bed. Read on to know more....


Try Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises help you gain control over your privates and they could help promote blood flow down there. You will be able to make your magic wand stiff after considerable practice.


Drink Juices

Water melon juice and pomegranate juice can help you make yourself tight and fit as they too help blood circulate well.


Don't Smoke Or Drink

A research claims that smokers can enhance their erections even if they quit smoking at least 48 hours before a date. And then quit alcohol which makes your manhood soft instead of hard.


Eat T-Boosting Foods

Eat fish, eggs and every other food that boosts testosterone. This may help you up to an extent.


Eat Garlic And Ginger

Eating a raw garlic and ginger early in the morning is also good for many reasons. Healthy blood circulation is one reason to eat them raw.


Stay Away From Porn

Stop watching too much of porn as it could secretly affect your bed life. Your partner is much more interesting than what you watch there.


Reduce Self-Satisfaction

Many men quickly reach their guns to excite themselves in leisure. Reduce the habit especially if you have issues in bed life.

Story first published: Saturday, July 30, 2016, 15:27 [IST]
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