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Anaemia In Men: Possible Causes And Symptoms
Iron deficiency anaemia is a worldwide problem; it is responsible for around eight lakh deaths per year, says a study. [1] Anaemia is usually described as a condition found in women of child-bearing age and children; the prevalence of anaemia is ...
Anaemia In Men Possible Causes And Symptoms

8 Foods That Lower Your Testosterone Levels
Testosterone is the male sex hormone, however, women also produce small amounts of testosterone in their ovaries and adrenal glands. But, many factors are involved in the regulation of testosterone including a proper diet. A healthy diet is important to maintain ...
Foods That Lower Testosterone Levels
Does Intermittent Fasting Boost Testosterone
Does intermittent fasting boost testosterone? Well, intermittent fasting is nothing but eating your food during a particular period of time during the day. The rest of the day is considered as fasting period. Some people generally eat all their meals between ...
Does Intermittent Fasting Boost Testosterone
Testosterone Increases Impulsive Behaviour In Men: Study
The male hormone testosterone is important for sexual and reproductive development but it can also make men less likely to question their impulses, suggests new research.Men given doses of testosterone performed more poorly on a test designed to measure cognitive reflection ...
Do Hot Flashes Occur In Men?
Generally, most of us think that hot flashes occur after 50, that too in women who cross the menopause stage. But experts say that hot flashes could occur both in men and women and in any age. Hot flashes occur due ...
Male Hot Flashes
Foods For Boosting Testosterone In Women
Testosterone hormones are essentially natural steroids produced by the body. Testosterone is considered to be very important for men for the proper functioning of the male body. However, women also require it as the lack of testosterone in a woman's body ...
Reasons Why Men Wake Up With An Erection
Some call it morning wood and scientists call it NPT or nocturnal penile tumescence but all of them mean involuntary erections during sleep. Also Read: How Fitness Levels Improve Bed Life Men can relate to this as most of the men ...
Reasons For Morning Boners
Are You Tired After First Innings?
If you are a man and if you are finding it tough to get ready fast for a second innings, then there must be some issue with your lifestyle. Well, if your girlfriend is young, then she might obviously want you ...
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