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Do Hot Flashes Occur In Men?


Generally, most of us think that hot flashes occur after 50, that too in women who cross the menopause stage. But experts say that hot flashes could occur both in men and women and in any age.

Hot flashes occur due to a process known as flushing. It can occur through the nervous system at the time of menopause in women. But it can also occur due to certain chemical signals in the body.

Feeling hot when it isn't hot around isn't an issue that troubles only women who cross 50. Many bodily changes that make you sensitive to temperature could create an effect similar to hot flashes.

In some men, they are just temporary but in others, the problem could be a long term one. So, let us discuss a few more facts about this problem...


Fact #1

Certain foods, medication and even changes in androgen could cause hot flashes in men. Your doctor can help you out by identifying the triggers and chalking out certain preventive measures.


Fact #2

Some possible triggers could be stress, nervousness and emotional flare ups. Even hyperthyroidism could also be one reason.


Fact #3

In some men, an injury in the spinal cord or any issue in the nervous system could also cause hot flashes.


Fact #4

Low blood pressure, allergic reaction to some foods or persistent fevers could also create an experience similar to hot flashes.


Fact #5

Some men who use medicines to cure erectile dysfunction may also experience this. Even andropause causes hot flashes in men.


Fact #6

When the testosterone levels in the man dip for any reason, it could also cause hot flashes.


Fact #7

Men who feel the heat may need to avoid alcohol, hot beverages, spicy foods and other things which trigger the experience. Also, wearing suitable clothing can help.

Story first published: Friday, December 9, 2016, 7:52 [IST]
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