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Foods For Boosting Testosterone In Women

By Super Admin

Testosterone hormones are essentially natural steroids produced by the body. Testosterone is considered to be very important for men for the proper functioning of the male body. However, women also require it as the lack of testosterone in a woman's body can lead to a lot of health-related issues. So, here we shall discuss certain foods that can boost testosterone levels in a woman's body.

Testosterone plays an important role by changing food into energy, increasing brain function and building strong bodies. It also reverses the signs of ageing. Many researchers believe that there is a connection between loss of memory and the gradual loss of testosterone. According to current research, testosterone may prove to be advantageous for Alzheimer's patients.

Reduced testosterone levels have been known to cause depression and anxiety. When there is a lack of testosterone in a woman's body, she will suffer from heart problems, osteoporosis, weak muscles and diabetes mellitus.

Hence it is essential for women to consume certain food items that will boost the production of testosterone in their body and protect them from a number of diseases. The first one is eggs. Eggs contain a lot of cholesterol no doubt, but testosterone is derived from cholesterol.

Hence if you want to boost your cholesterol levels, have eggs daily in any form you want. Have scrambled eggs, boiled eggs or poached eggs. Nuts, whole grains and beans are sources of good cholesterol. Include these in your regular diet to boost your testosterone levels.

In order to boost your testosterone levels, have bananas. This is because bananas are rich in potassium and this vital ingredient is required for the production of testosterone. Bananas are one of the cheapest fruits available and they can be had anywhere, anytime. Avocados are also rich in potassium.

Liver is rich in vitamin A and this helps to maintain the testosterone levels in the body and also helps to maintain muscle strength. Hence consuming liver is important to keep the optimum level of testosterone in the body. Spinach and sweet potatoes are also rich sources of vitamin A.

Other foods that help to increase testosterone levels in the body are shrimps, tuna, salmon, oysters, swiss chard, whole grains and cocoa powder.

Story first published: Saturday, September 24, 2016, 10:44 [IST]
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