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Having Low Sex Drive? Talk To A Doctor Or Your Partner Before Going For Testosterone Treatment

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Whenever we have a discussion on 'testosterone', the first picture that comes to our mind is 'aggression', since it's mainly a man-related thing. But, testosterone is not just about it. Do you know what happens when you take testosterone? Keep reading to find out all about it...

Besides helping the physique, this hormone found mainly in men also has other great advantages - including financial!

What is testosterone?
It is a hormone which is produced mainly by the Leydig cells in the testicles and helps in the development of a male's muscles and bones, voice changes, sex drive and overall growth.

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The production of testosterone rises during adolescence and the early years of adulthood. Low level of testosterone in men is called hypogonadism and many consume testosterone supplements to make up for the deficiency.

Women, too, have testosterone but in lower amounts. In their case, the ovaries and adrenal glands produce this hormone.

Benefits of testosterone:

what happens when you take testosterone

1. Heart & blood: Adequate testosterone levels help the heart pump blood to the rest of the body, boosting the muscles and organs. Hypogonadism can be linked to cardiovascular problems. Testosterone also helps increase red blood cell count.

2. Loss of fat: Testosterone treatment helps in decreasing fat and improves muscle sizes.

3. Stronger bones: Testosterone level helps to have strong bones. It is because of the drop in the level at an older age that men tend to have weaker bones.

what happens when you take testosterone

4. Sex drive: Testosterone has a give-and-take relation with sex drive. While its level increases in response to sexual arise, more testosterone in turn helps in having higher sexual urge. It also affects a woman's sex drive.

5. Better self-esteem: High level of testosterone enhances one's self-image, and it makes one optimistic and even take more financial gamble.

Now, the bad part of the story:
There are people who prefer a testosterone supplement, if they have low level and eye to have better muscles and sex drive. For them, here is a caution.

what happens when you take testosterone

Heart & Prostate Risks
Testosterone supplements can actually multiply the problem instead of solving it. Studies have proved that there is a connection between testosterone supplements and heart ailments, both for the young and the old.

Another study also concluded that these supplements increase the risk of having prostate tumours. So, beware.

what happens when you take testosterone

Other Side Effects
Besides the heart and prostate risks, testosterone therapy can have several side effects like sleep apnoea, testicular shrinkage, acne flares, breast enlargement, increased urination and fluid retention. These supplements/treatments can also reduce sperm count and increase aggression in behaviour.

what happens when you take testosterone

Can Reduce Sperm Count
Testosterone treatment is available in gels, intramuscular injections and skin patches, but each one of them comes with a side effect. Men who have breast or prostate cancer should not go for testosterone treatment.

A fall in sexual desire or ambition for a Rambo-like look is the main reason why men become desperate to for a testosterone treatment/supplement. But, it is not a wise thing to do. If you feel to do something about enhancing your sex drive, talk to a doctor and, most importantly, your partner.

There could be various other reasons for a loss in sexual urge. It is also good to remember that sex drive is not the only thing about your masculinity. The same holds true for those who are seeking external help to pump up their muscles.

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Story first published: Monday, September 26, 2016, 18:30 [IST]
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