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Why Prevention Is Better Than Cure

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There is a reason why our elders urged us to focus more on prevention than on cure. The human body has the extraordinary capacity of repairing itself without any outside intervention.

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But still, in some cases when damage is severely done, it fails to repair itself and become normal again. This is one reason why preventing certain health disorders is better than trying to cure.

Also, when you shape your lifestyle habits in such a way that there is less room for cumulative damage, you are obviously preventing some health disorders by minimising the level of damage.

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Now, here are some other reasons why it is better to prevent.


Some Types Of Damages Are Irreversible

Yes, it isn't possible to reverse every type of damage done to the human body. Some are reversible whereas some are irreversible damages which may cause death in the long run.


Some Organs Give Up Soon

Though some organs repair themselves regularly, when they fail to do it efficiently, they may give up. Suppose when the liver fails to repair itself, it may cause death.


Some Types Of Disorders Don't Show Any Signs

If you have the habit of taking care of your body only when it shows any symptom of illness then you may dig your own grave as some disorders never show any sign until they reach the final stage. That is why prevention is better.


Cure May Require Intake Of Drugs

To cure any disorder, you may need to take pills and medicines. They may further create certain side effects. But when you choose the road of prevention, you may never need tablets till late in life.


Cure Doesn't Have Any Guarantee

There is no guarantee that every treatment option clears your health problem. What if it fails? That is why prevention is better.


Cure Involves Money And Time

You may need to wait till a disorder clears after you start the treatment course. During that period, you may have face inconvenience as you may need to take bed rest and your daily activities should be put on hold. So, prevention may avoid that condition.


Prevention Prolongs Lifespan

Those who prevent their health issues are said to live longer than those who rely only on cure. This is one reason why you can choose prevention.

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Story first published: Monday, July 25, 2016, 6:01 [IST]
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