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What Makes Your Bones Weak?

When you stand or sit, what supports your entire body is your skeleton which is nothing but a set of bones. During your younger years, if you don't protect your bones and strengthen them, you may again regret when you grow old.

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Weaker bones may make life hell as every single activity like walking, standing or sitting needs the support of your bones.

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And what determines the strength of your bones? Well, it is the density of your bones that is important. When your bone mass or density dips, they become porous and that is when they tend to become weaker.

You can't live a safe life when your bones are weak. So, let us look at the factors that make your bones weak.


Calcium Deficiency

We all know that protein is food for the muscles. In the same way, your bones need calcium to become dense. When you don't eat enough calcium, your bones literally starve. So, your diet needs to provide you with the right amounts of calcium.


Gender & Age

Some studies claim that women are more vulnerable to osteoporosis than men. With age, you tend to lose bone density. That's a natural and inevitable change. So, as you age, ensure that you increase your calcium intake.


Lack Of Activity

When your life lacks enough of physical activity, you may lose bone density in the long run. Studies claim that physical activity can prevent osteoporosis.


Smoking And Drinking

Many studies have confirmed that habits like smoking and drinking can negatively affect the bone density. As alcohol interferes with calcium absorption, your bone density may suffer.



If you are genetically predisposed to any kind of bone disorders then you may need to be careful in order to bring down your risk.



Some drugs including steroids can also maximise the risk of suffering bone-related issues like osteoporosis.



In some cases, even accidents could cause bone loss. Of course, only a medical practitioner could advise what to do in such a case.

Story first published: Wednesday, August 3, 2016, 21:44 [IST]
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