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COVID-19: Why Men Are More Likely To Die Compared To Women
COVID-19 is a disease that doesn't discriminate between people. Be it a farmer or a prime minister, it has infected people from all walks of life. However, available data on COVID-19 suggests that men are more likely to get infected and ...
Why Do More Men Die Of Covid 19 Compared To Women
Boy or Girl: How Genetics Determines Your Baby's Gender
Couples expecting a baby are always eager to know every bit of information related to their baby. Right from the health of the fetus, to the baby's overall development, its response to dietary routine or changes as prescribed by the doctor, ...
Can The Baby’s Gender Impact A Pregnant Woman’s Health?
The minute you get pregnant, after the initial surprise and joy, the next thing that usually comes to mind is the question about the baby's gender, right? Although, in many countries, detecting the gender of the baby, while he/she is still ...
Can The Babys Gender Impact Mothers Health
Can A Transgender Person Get Pregnant?
Most of us might have come across transgender people, more commonly known as 'hijras' in India. Have you ever wondered if a transgender person can get pregnant? Well, we may be aware that transgender people usually come with gender identities that ...
Can A Transgender Person Get Pregnant
What Makes Your Bones Weak?
When you stand or sit, what supports your entire body is your skeleton which is nothing but a set of bones. During your younger years, if you don't protect your bones and strengthen them, you may again regret when you grow ...
What Makes Your Bones Weak
How To Fight Gender Prejudices In Man Woman Relationship?
What is a man woman relationship if not plagued by prejudices? Gender prejudices are some standard assumptions about the opposite sex that we hold on to and internalize for future use. Whenever our ego is threatened by a member of the ...
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