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What Is Juice Cure? Does It Work?

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Juice cure or juice therapy is nothing but attempting to use juices of fruits and vegetables to cure certain disorders. Juices are an effective way to provide the necessary nutrients to your body and restore health.

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Each and every fruit or vegetable contains certain healing properties that can benefit your system in the long run. And yes, they also detoxify your body.

To try juice cure, you just need some fruits and vegetables and a juicer at home. But remember that home remedies may not be able to solve all health problems. They may be able to prevent certain disorders effectively but when a health problem reaches the chronic stage, you might surely need to get medical assistance.

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Now, here are some effective juice care methods that can address certain health issues. Consult your doctor first before trying them out.


For Kidney Stones

If you have complications related to your kidneys, consume the juices of lemon, water melon, apple and orange.


For Hypertension

To prevent or treat blood pressure issues, try the juices of the following foods: Ginger, cucumber, celerey, apple, beetroot.


For Memory Issues

Try juicing grapes, beets and pomegranate to boost your brain power.



If your drinking habit is troubling you with hangovers everyday, try the juices of lemon, beetroot, carrot and apple.


For Headache

If those persistant headaches are bothering you, drink the juices of celery, ginger, kale, cucumber and apple.


To Cleanse Your Kidneys

To cleanse your kidneys, drink the juices of cucumber, water melon and carrot.


For Indigestion

If you have any digestive issues, try drinking the juices of mint, lemon, carrot and pineapple.


For Ulcers

To gain some relief from ulcers try the juices of celery, carrot or cabbage.


To Beat Fatigue

To beat fatigue and calm yourself down, try the juices of spinach, green apples, lemon, beets and carrots.


For Asthma

To find relief from asthma, drink the juices of lemon, garlic, apple, spinach and carrot.

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