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What Happens When You Dance...

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In order to maintain a good figure, you tend to start some or the other workout but gradually it might bore you. The mechanical act of lifting weights or moving your body tends to be boring.

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But just dance for a few minutes and see the difference; when you move your body to the rhythm of music, you tend to forget yourself for hours together.

Though dance is an art, it could be more than that because it offers several health benefits. They are not just physical benefits. Dance can also benefit your brain.

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If you are wondering how the brain gets benefited, just take a look as some of those benefits here.


Benefit #1

Dance is said to make you intelligent. Your response to any situation tends to get better and this will make you a better decision maker according to that study.


Benefit #2

It boosts your mood as feel-good chemicals are released when you dance. This is why dance could even become an addiction.


Benefit #3

Dancers who are into certain complex moves tend to develop muscle memory. As dance involves visualising certain steps and then moving your body according to a rhythm, your coordinative skills and muscle memory tend to get better.


Benefit #4

A study claims that dancers who regularly practice never get dizzy. This is because the brain gradually learns to suppress certain signals and maintains balance in intense periods of dancing.


Benefit #5

A recent study claims that regular dancing can minimise the risk of dementia by 75%! Those who dance tend to enjoy better cognitive reserves according to this study.


Benefit #6

It helps you lose weight as you tend to burn a lot of calories when you vigorously dance, also it never tends to get boring and as dance is interesting.


Benefit #7

It enhances your blood circulation and keeps you energetic throughout the day. That is why dance could be a good workout.


Benefit #8

And yes, dance will obviously slow down your ageing process. Your memory tends to get better. But when dancers keep trying to learn different moves, new pathways are etched in the brain leading to better usage of the brain.

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Story first published: Thursday, March 31, 2016, 20:02 [IST]
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