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The Best Remedy For Anxiety And Headaches

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Most of us do suffer from anxiety. When you are filled with stress and anxiety, headaches do follow them. Though you may pop in a pill, trying a natural remedy can be safer and helpful.

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Try this remedy that includes lemon and lavender. It tastes good and also cures both the problems. We all know that lavender oil has many health benefits. It is said to contain 150 ingredients in it. Also it is antiseptic, antibacterial and anti microbial too.

How to prepare the drink: Take a cup of raw honey, a drop of lavender oil, a cup of lemon juice and 3 glasses of water. Mix them well using a blender. Store it in the fridge. Whenever you wish to drink, add some ice and enjoy the drink.

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It can handle your headaches and anxiety. But don't store the drink for more than 2 days. Prepare it freshly. Now, read on for other remedies for anxiety.


Remedy #1

Heat the oil a bit and massage your whole body with it. Take a bath after that. You will feel relieved.


Remedy #2

Mix 5 teaspoons of ginger powder and 5 teaspoons of baking soda to your bath tub and soak yourself in it for 25 minutes. Your anxiety will be gone and you will feel relaxed.


Remedy #3

In a glass of orange juice add some honey and a bit of nutmeg powder and drink it to control anxiety.


Remedy #4

Include onions and celery to your meals for a week. As both of them contain folic acid and potassium, your anxiety will subside.


Remedy #5

This is the best remedy for anxiety. In fact daily meditation can also prevent anxiety in the future.


Remedy #6

Sniff the smell of an orange peel. Yes, it minimises anxiety.


Remedy #7

Blend a few almonds, a piece of ginger and a piece of nutmeg with a cup of milk. drink this mixture before going to bed.

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Story first published: Thursday, March 31, 2016, 16:34 [IST]
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