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Unclog Your Arteries With This Juice!

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If you wish to unclog your arteries, start drinking pomegranate juice regularly. Yes, this fruit is packed with nutrients and cleanses your arteries. In fact, it is a symbol of youth and fertility too.

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Recently, pomegranate juice hit the headlines as a new study confirmed that it contains a compound known as punicalagin which is every good for your blood vessels and heart health.

This fruit is said to bring down the blood pressure, cholesterol levels and also cure atherosclerosis. As a part of a study researchers observed several patients with artery blockages. When all of them were offered a glass of pomegranate juice on a daily basis for 365 days, several healthy changes occurred in them.

Their BP minimised by 10% and plaque in the arteries reduced by 30%. Also, their stroke risk and heart attack risk were significantly lowered.

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Also, pomegranate juice is said to prevent colon cancer, prostrate cancer and breast cancer too. There is a lot more to be discovered about the health benefits of this fruit. Now, let us know more about pomegranate juice and what it can do to your health.


Prevents Serious Medical Conditions

Many studies claim that daily consumption of pomegranate juice can effectively prevent diabetes, breast cancer and prostrate cancer.


Prevents Clotting

Certain compounds present in this juice can prevent blood clotting and also minimise your blood pressure.


Lowers Cholesterol

If your cholesterol levels are not healthy then you can try this juice as a remedy for a few months. This juice is said to lower LDL cholesterol levels.


Healthy Heart

Many antioxidants present in pomegranate juice are healthy for the heart. They prevent heart issues.


Fat Loss

Certain studies also claim that this juice is good for fat loss. As pomegranate contains compounds that burn visceral fat, it is healthy to drink it regularly.


Fights Infections

The vitamin C content in this juice fights certain minor infections and seasonal illnesses.


Reduces Inflammation

All the compounds in pomegranate juice minimise inflammation in your body if you drink it daily.



Certain antibacterial agents present in pomegranate juice prevent dental plaque too. So, this juice is good for teeth too.



Yes, this juice also plays an important role in liver regeneration. So, consume it daily to make your liver healthy again.

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