Unknown Facts About Caffeine

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Though we all drink a cup of coffee soon after waking up, we seem to know very less about it. Yes, caffeine has both some positive and some negative effects to it.

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While some of us just love caffeine, some of us are addicted to it. To be precise, caffeine is among the highest consumed drugs of this world. We all consume it through energy drinks, coffees, ice creams and other food products.

Yes, caffeine stimulates us but could also poses some negative effects when your consumption crosses a limit. But when used carefully, it seems to boost your energy levels. Though most of us consume a cup of coffee in the morning, health experts say that it isn't advisable to start your day with coffee.

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Now, let us discuss about some unknown facts about caffeine.


It Affects Your Nervous System

As caffeine works on your nervous system, it might cause certain withdrawal symptoms just like other addictive substances.


It Can Even Kill

Extremely high doses of caffeine can even kill the person consuming it. Though there are no clear reports of the exact dosage that is fatal, health experts recommend moderate consumption which is one or two cups of coffee a day.


It Has Pain Killing Abilities

As caffeine has pain killing properties, it is also used in certain pain killers. In fact, migraine tablets contain caffeine.


It Works In A Jiffy

It just takes a few minutes for caffeine to work on your system. It might take a few hours for the effects of caffeine to wane.


Energy Drinks Are Dangerous

As the caffeine content in energy drinks is too high, consuming them regularly could be dangerous to health.


It Causes Dependence

As caffeine changes your brain chemistry, you tend to develop caffeine dependence after some time.


It Could Cause Bowel Movements

Yes, caffeine can sometimes,cause bowel movements as it impacts the activity in your colon.


Boosts Performance

Many sports people and gym rats agree that a cup of black coffee before a workout enhances their performance.


Can Prevent ED

Some studies say that caffeine prevents erectile dysfunction in men as it relaxes the arteries and promotes blood circulation to the privates.


Boosts Your Mood

Caffeine can make you feel good as it stimulates your mind by releasing a feel good chemical.

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Story first published: Tuesday, February 16, 2016, 8:01 [IST]
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