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Benefits Of Sleeping Naked

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In fact, anyone would love to sleep naked as it feels so good when your whole body can breathe well. Now, a latest study also claims that sleeping with a tight underwear may harm the sperm production in men.

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What really troubles men's privates? Well, the temperature is the problem. Tight undergarments may heat up the testicles and this may damage the quality of the sperm that is produced.

Well, this doesn't mean that all men must ditch under-wears forever, but health experts advise wearing loose breathable underwear during the whole day and sleeping naked at night.

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It is not just good for your sperm production; there are other benefits of sleeping naked; here are they.


Better Sleep

A study reveals that we tend to toss and turn restlessly on the bed when we sleep with clothes. This could be because the clothes on the body may not be able to adjust with the temperature changes in the body during sleep. So, sleeping naked eliminates the problem and the sleep quality gets better.


Boosts Oxytocin

When you sleep naked with your partner, you tend to feel good. This is because of the hormone oxytocin that gets released when your skin touches hers.


Boost Sperm Quality

The quality and quantity of the sperm depends upon the ideal conditions and temperature required for the reproduction. When testicles are too hot, the sperm quality may suffers drastically.


Prevents Infections

Your underwear is a breeding place for bacteria and other microorganisms. Also, your under garments may lock heat as well as moisture and micro-organisms feel comfortable living there. When you sleep naked you can minimise the chances of suffering certain infections and irritation caused by the bacteria in your under garments.


Slows Your Ageing Process

A study claims that those who sleep naked tend to age slower than those who sleep with their clothes on.


Boosts Metabolism

A study reveals that those who sleep naked tend to boost their metabolism. There is a link between sleeping naked and boosting metabolism according to the researchers.


Releases Stress

A study claims that those who sleep naked tend to feel relieved and stress-free in their lives.

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Story first published: Monday, February 15, 2016, 8:06 [IST]
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