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How To Get A Lean Body

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A lean body is surely the most attractive sight for the opposite sex. Basically, when you get into body building, your first target would be to grow bigger and bigger. That makes you eat and lift heavy. But after reaching a point, you would again want to look leaner but muscular to look attractive.

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Going lean makes you look good and also feel good. So, how to get a lean body? Firstly, in today's world, every man and woman should have a gym membership. Just like you go to your office, start going to a gym every day without fail as if your life depended on it.

And then, here is the key. A good physique depends upon 3 major factors that can be given equal credit. They are diet, training and other things that you do to nourish your body.

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Every human being has a beautiful sculpture hiding behind those layers of fat. Your task is just to melt that fat so that your beautiful figure just comes out to show the world what you are.

Now, let us discuss what you need to do to get leaner.


Tip #1

Remember this: Your diet decides how lean you look. Many think that lots of cardio and lifting can help them get leaner. No, you can't get away with bad food habits with just workouts. You need to calibrate your food intake. Unless you eat a bit lesser than your actual requirement, that fat is not going to disappear!


Tip #2

Now that you realised that you need to eat a bit lesser, here are some ways to achieve that without affecting your health. Consult a dietitian to calculate the total number of calories you need on a daily basis depending upon your age and metabolism. Consult whether you can just reduce your intake up to 100-300 calories a day.


Tip #3

Small meals work! After knowing your overall required-calorie intake per day, divide the food into 5-6 small meals and eat only when your body feels hungry. But caution: don't starve yourself as that would be counter productive to your health. That is why you must try this only after consulting your dietitian.


Tip #4

If you can't live without eating big meals, try intermittent fasting after consulting your dietitian. This method just involves eating big meals during a span of 8 hours in the whole day and fasting for the rest of the day.


Tip #5

If dieting makes you a bit low in your energy levels, sip a black coffee (only in moderation as excess caffeine isn't healthy). At least you can control your cravings to snack when you consume a small dose of caffeine.


Tip #6

Try this to energise your workouts. Eat a fruit like banana before your workout. The natural sugars in fruits will supply glycogen to perform your workouts energetically.


Tip #7

Lift heavy, lift regularly. Monitor your physique by looking at yourself in the gym mirror and don't stop following the diet and workouts till you see yourself a bit leaner.


Tip #8

Morning workouts or night workouts? The debate still goes on but just make sure you work out. But if you are working out in the morning, you can't do intensely as you just woke up and your body isn't ready to take the intensity. if you are working in the night then train more intensely as your body is ready for it.


Tip #9

Raise the intensity of your workouts; without intense workouts, you can't get that shredded look.


Tip #10

Perform cardio for a different reason. Do it to strengthen your heart but don't expect all your fat loss to happen through that.


Tip #11

During your entire training process, never forget the role of water. Hydrate yourself well before you faint.

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