Myths About Six Pack Abs

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Both men and women are crazy about owning a set of six pack abs. But there are so many myths circulating around. Let us bust them first.

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To begin with, your body deposits all excess fat first in the area of your belly and then distributes it to other areas depending upon your genetics. And when you lose fat, your body will lose fat in all other areas first and then finally deals with the belly fat.

This is the first reason why losing belly fat seems to be the hardest thing to do. Until you lose belly fat, your abs don't show up.

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That is why the right diet, the right exercises and the right attitude towards six pack is important. Now, let us discuss about the myths about six pack abs.


Myth #1

Many people think that they can eat anything if they are into intense workouts. This could be far from truth as you need the right diet if your abs need to show up.


Myth #2

Eating certain foods will melt belly fat- this is a myth. Without your handwork, your belly fat isn't going to leave you though many marketers claim that certain miracle foods will blast your belly fat.


Myth #3

You can get six pack abs in 7 days- this is another myth. Sculpting your abs is one of the toughest challenge and it could take months or even years to achieve them.


Myth #4

Doing crunches every day is enough to get a six pack. This is a myth as you need to target on burning the fat and excess calories apart from doing crunches. Crunches alone won't take you anywhere though they are good to start with.


Myth #5

Women can achieve the feat faster. This is a myth as fitness experts say that men can achieve their abs faster. As female bodies naturally store fat a bit more than males, they might need to lose all that first for the abs to show up.


Myth #6

Cardio is the best solution for abs- this is another myth as you need resistance training also to achieve the feat.


Myth #7

Six pack abs are permanent- this is the biggest myth because the moment you gain some fat, your abs are gone. Maintaining a six pack isn't a joke!

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Story first published: Saturday, February 13, 2016, 6:01 [IST]
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