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Workouts To Try Before You're 45

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All the intense workouts must be tried when you are young; your body will give up soon if you try them after 45. In fact, walking is the only exercise which can be done even after 60 years. Many other exercises need power and energy and therefore, they must be enjoyed when you are still young.

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We all know that workouts release feel-good chemicals in the brain and that 'high' must be enjoyed when you are still young. Your body is capable of doing a lot and when you seriously do some intense exercises, you will be able to sculpt your body like a celebrity.

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So, here are some intense and thrilling exercises which you must surely try before you reach 45 years of age. After 45, if your fitness levels wane, you might not be able to take up most of those activities.


Mountain Climbing

Mountain climbing is an exciting and thrilling activity. It engages all your senses and muscles. It is a good fitness activity that breaks boredom. But you need to try it before 45 because your joints may not be able to take the stress after you age.


Bench Press

This workout is one of the best one to challenge your chest muscles and arms together. But it is better to try this before you reach 45 years of age as it involves lifting heavy weights.


Head Stand

Though it looks simple, balancing your whole body on your head and hands isn't easy. This workout stimulates blood circulation and offers many benefits. But try it before 45 as it would be dangerous if you lose balance and fall at the age of 45 years.


Farmer's Walk

Carrying two weights and walking for some distance is all you need to do in farmer's walk workout. But try it before you age as it could be stressful to handle after 45.


Squats With Weights

When done with weights, squats offer many benefits. They shape up your lower body. But after ageing, squatting with weights could stress all your joints and you may feel sore soon after doing 3-4 repetitions.


Dead Lift

A dead lift with heavy weights could be the most dangerous thing to do in old age. Therefore, try this challenging workout when you are still young.



When you are young, you can easily recover from your workout mistakes but after ageing, your body will not be able to take stress unless you maintain fitness all your life. Therefore, try lifting dumbells before 45.

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Story first published: Friday, February 12, 2016, 8:01 [IST]
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