10 Genuine Reasons To Detox

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The word detox has become a popular word today for one good reason- we're carrying toxins in our bodies! You clean your house every day just to keep it clean and healthy. In the same way, occasionally you might need to do the same to your body.

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Many health experts say that all disorders start with the accumulation of toxins in the body. We take a bath everyday to clean the exterior of the body. In the same way, detox works on the insides of the body.

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Pesticides, chemicals, pollutants, smoke, artificial compounds in our foods, colours, additives, preservatives etc are all toxins that may gradually harm the system. Therefore, occasionally cleansing the insides may boost your health. Now, let us discuss about the reasons to detox.


To Get Rid Of The Toxins

This is the first reason to detox. The pollutants, carcinogens, heavy metals and other wastes, when accumulated in our bodies, harm the immunity, behaviour and metabolism. Gradually, they may cause health problems. When you get rid of those toxins, you'll feel light.


To Think Clearly

Do you know that toxins also affect your mental and emotional states? When you detox, you will be able to think with a clear head.


Your Skin Gets Better

Yes, toxins also affect the state of your skin. After you flush them out, your skin may glow.


To Feel Light And Energetic

After getting rid of toxins, your energy levels soar and you will feel as if you got rid of a burden that was troubling your system.


To Slow Down Ageing

Toxins age you faster. When you get rid of them, your body will be able to absorb your food well and recover itself from the age related changes in a better way. This may help slow down the ageing process.


To Lose Weight

Yes, even fat cells store certain types of toxins. When all toxins are flushed out, you will lose weight and your body will also be able to burn fat efficiently.


To Boost Immunity

Many studies have proved that regular cleansing can boost the immune system and keep many infections at bay.


To Prevent Health Issues

Do you know that carcinogens cause cancer? Other types of toxins cause several life threatening health issues. When your system is clear, you can prevent many problems.

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Story first published: Thursday, February 11, 2016, 8:01 [IST]
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