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7 Men's Workout Mistakes To Avoid

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Most of the men who hit the gym with a vengeance, that too, at a very early age, tend to dream big. That's actually good but when they mishandle the workouts or weights, they may have to repent later.

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There are certain common mens workout mistakes. Avoiding them may help you in the long run. Though you are very enthusiastic to build a huge body with massive muscles in a short span of time, you are not going to achieve it if your workouts are incorrect. Also, remember this- you need to train smart, not hard if you wish to challenge your muscles and the growth in them.

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Know your goals well and ensure that your workouts take you there. More than dreaming about an enviable physique, it is good to focus on the healthy way to deal with your weights so that you can avoid certain problems. Now let us discuss about certain mens workout mistakes.


Not Knowing About What Suits Your Body Type

There are three body types: ectomorph, endomorph and mesomorph. If you are an ectomorph, it is better to minimise your cardio and maximise your resistance training sessions per week. Ectomorphs take more time to gain muscle.



Men generally tend to be in a hurry to gain muscle which makes them train too hard even before the body gets accustomed to the workout. So, lifting too heavy in the starting stages could cause injuries.


Doing Too Much Of Cardio

If you wish to gain muscle, it is better to limit your cardio to only one or two sessions a week. Focus more on lifting weights than on running or cycling.


Not Warming Up

Before you shock your system, you must first prepare it. Otherwise, your workouts may injure your body. Therefore, spend 5-10 minutes on warming up before every intense workout session.


Focusing Too Much On Certain Parts

Fitness experts recommend compound workouts like squats, bench press and dead lifts which engage the whole body. Men generally want bigger biceps and therefore they focus only on biceps workouts. This may make your growth disproportionate.


Relying Too Much On Powders, Pills And Supplements

In a hurry to grow faster, some men rely too much on supplements. Though protein powders may help you grow faster, excessive consumption may not be safe. Also, consuming them without consulting a doctor may not be advisable.


Not Quitting Bad Habits

Your workouts may not show you progress if you don't quit certain bad habits like smoking and drinking. More than lifting weights, it is better to first quit bad habits.

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Story first published: Saturday, February 13, 2016, 8:00 [IST]
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