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12 Signs That Your Body Is Not Getting Enough Protein

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Are cold and pain in the knees and joints troubling you for long? Well, assuming it to be a common cold or pain we might just ignore it, but these common symptoms should not be ignored as these could be due to lack of protein in the body.

So how would you find out if your body actually lacks protein? We have listed here a few signs which show that your body is not getting enough protein.

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Protein is one of the important nutrient sources that help in providing energy to the body. It is essential for building up of the muscles and the immunity level. When your body lacks adequate protein it gives rise to a host of health problems.

There are a few sections of people who in the process of losing weight cut down on foods. As a result of which they tend to lose on the essential nutrients including protein which are vital for the body and its functioning.

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Hence having a balanced diet comprising of all the essential nutrients is highly important to keep the body fit. Here are these 12 signs and symptoms of protein deficit in your body. Take a look.


1. Weak Muscles:

The muscles tend to become weak when the body is not getting enough protein. It is highly important to keep the muscles strong.


2.Swelling Face, Feet & Hands:

If you feel that your face, hands and feet are swollen then you should be careful as this occurs mainly due to fluid accumulation in the body. When the body lacks adequate protein it fails to flush out the water from the body.


3. Joint Pain:

When the body lacks adequate protein which is required for its functioning, then this causes pain around the joints and muscles.


4. Brain Fog:

Protein is highly essential for the body to maintain neurological health. When there is a lack of protein in the body one starts finding difficulty in remembering things and often gets confused.


5. Frequent Allergies:

Protein helps in the development of antibodies which help in building up the immune system. When the body lacks proteins, the immunity level goes down and one becomes prone to frequent allergies.


6. Tired Feeling:

When the body lacks proteins, it leads to a feeling of tiredness and this occurs frequently.


7. Frequent Cold:

When the body lacks protein if affects the immunity level. If your immunity level is low you could catch cold soon.


8. Craving For Sweets:

When your body lacks proteins, in order to make up for the deficiency, it turns to carbs like sweets to provide the needed energy for the muscles to function normally.


9. Feeling Hungry Frequently:

Protein helps in keeping the body full for a longer period of time. When the body lacks protein the food processing is quicker and hence one feels hungry quickly.


10. Sleeping Disorder:

When the body lacks proteins that are essential to keep the brain healthy, it fails to produce enough hormones required for a good sleep. This affects one's sleep.


11. Recovering From Injuries Takes Time:

A good amount of protein is required for the body to heal any injuries and wounds. But when there is lack of sufficient protein in the body then recovering from injuries takes time.


12. Blood Sugar Fluctuation:

Protein helps in maintaining the blood sugar level in the body. So when the body lacks protein, it leads to the fluctuation in the blood sugar level.

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Story first published: Thursday, September 29, 2016, 17:30 [IST]
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