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Are You On Your Periods? Then Avoid Doing These 12 Things

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Hormonal changes, light to severe abdominal pain, mood swings and irritation are a few of the major issues faced by women when they are on their period.

A feeling of discomfort, weakness and fatigue are some of the conditions which women might experience during their periods. If you follow certain things and ways it helps in coping up during this time of the month.

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You might have got several suggestions about the do's and don'ts and all these might have led you to more confusion and you ended up taking certain wrong steps as well. At times a few of these wrong steps might have aggravated your period flow as well as the pain.

Well, there are a few women who are lucky enough as they do not get pain during their periods. While for those who have pain and cramps, it leads to discomfort and they just want to curl up in their bed.

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Hence, it is highly essential to know the simple things you need to avoid while you are on your periods. Here is a list of 12 things which women need to avoid while they are menstruating. Take a look.


1. Running:

Running while you are menstruating is one of the worst things you can do. You have that bloated feeling and in order to get rid of it you go running. This should be avoided.


2. Eating Fast Foods:

It contains lot of saturated fats which might lead to inflammation in the body. This in turn leads to aggravating the condition and makes you feel worse. Hence fast foods should be avoided.


3. Having Fatty Meats:

The fats contained in the meats are saturated and this often leads to inflammation; hence, it should be avoided by women during their periods.


4. Coffee:

Coffee contains high amounts of caffeine which leads to the worsening of cramps and causes difficulty in sleeping. Hence it should be avoided when women are on periods.


5. Staying Up Late At Night:

Staying up late at night affects the cramps. Hence women need to take good rest and have a good sleep.


6. Heavy Exercise:

Women should avoid heavy workouts and exercises during their periods as this will further aggravate the cramps and pain.


7. Avoiding Sitting Helps:

It is best to keep lying down and avoid sitting as this helps in providing the women the needed rest and relaxation during their periods.


8. Skipping Meals:

Women should ensure that they do not skip their meals during their periods. Since they lose huge amount of blood from the body, they need adequate amount of food to get the needed energy.


9. Using Soaps To Clean The Vagina:

It is not a good idea for women to clean their vaginal area with soap while they menstruate. This will lead to the removal of the good bacteria at times.


10. Overworking:

As the blood flows out of the body while women menstruate, they tend to become weak during this time of the month. So overworking would further make them weak; hence it should be avoided.


11. Too Much Alcohol:

Alcohol is known to be a blood thinner and this increases the blood flow when women drink it while they are menstruating and also increases the cramps. Hence it should be avoided.


12. Unprotected Sex:

Having unprotected sex while you are menstruating is bad as there will be a chance of spreading infection.

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Story first published: Wednesday, September 28, 2016, 17:30 [IST]
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