World Heart Day: Avoid These Foods To Prevent Heart Diseases

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The moment your heart stops pumping blood, that is the end of it, we die. Heart is one of the most vital organs of our body. Hence, in order to have a healthy body it is very important to have a healthy heart.

So how do we ensure a healthy heart? The food that we eat plays a crucial role in maintaining the heart health. Here is a list of foods which need to be strictly avoided if you want a healthy heart.

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Well, in the recent times with the sedentary lifestyle and fast moving lives, despite knowing the fact that the food is bad we tend to grab and munch it. As there is no time to cook, to satiate hunger we end up eating outside food. All these will in turn have a bad effect on our heart.

It is the heart that pumps the blood through the blood vessel to the entire system, thus providing life to the human being. But when the heart gets affected, it has a tremendous effect on the entire system.

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Hence, on this World Heart Day, today we have listed certain foods that need to be avoided in order to prevent heart diseases. Take a look.


1. Processed Meat:

Processed meats contain several compounds which help to keep the meat stay fresh for a longer period of time. The processed meats undergo salting, smoking, drying and canning and the compounds used for these processes are harmful for the heart.


2. Soft Drinks:

Soft drinks are filled with artificial sweeteners which not only increase the risk of diabetes, but these are also harmful for the heart.


3. Butter:

Butter is one of the major ingredients that will lead to increase in the cholesterol level and is bad for the heart health.


4. Soy Sauce:

Soy sauce is one food that is bad for our health. It contains a lot of salt and sodium and this might lead to heart problems.


5. Canned Foods:

Canned foods contain a lot of preservatives which are added to increase the shelf life. But all the essential nutrients are lost in the process and this will have a bad effect on the heart.


6. Tomato Sauce:

The ketchup is filled with artificial flavouring and preservatives which make it tasty but this at the same time adds calories, cholesterol and fats which increase the risk of heart disease.


7. Cheese:

Cheese contains high amounts of saturated fat which are bad for the heart. Hence it needs to be avoided.


8. Avoid High Sodium Intake:

The more you increase the intake of sodium and salt, it leads to an increase in the risk for heart disease. Hence it should be avoided.


9. Avoid Deep Fried Foods:

Deep fried foods are unhealthy. Foods that are fried at high temperatures contain acrylamide, a well known carcinogen. It increases the risk of heart diseases, cholesterol, obesity and cancer as well.


10. Pizzas:

Pizzas are packed with cholesterol and fats and it not just leads to weight gain and increase in the blood pressure, but affects the heart as well.


11. Chips:

Chips are high in fat and calories and are one of the worst foods for the heart.


12. High Sugar Containing Foods:

Candies, cakes and other artificial sugar containing foods must be avoided if you want to have a healthy heart.

However, it is always important to have a regular check up of the heart at least once in a year. This helps in preventing heart diseases.

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