Navratri Special: Eat These Foods & Get The Needed Energy To Play Dandiya & Garba

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Just a few days are left for Navratri to begin, and for all of those of you who are making plans to play Garba and Dandiya this season, here is a list of foods that will surely help you in providing the needed energy.

Garba and dandiya, basically a dance form from Gujarat, which is played during the Navratri festival is gaining popularity all across the world. It is one dance form that requires a lot of energy and physical strength.

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For this, food plays a very significant role. One needs to be very careful while making a choice of the food that they eat if they are planning to indulge themselves in the colourful Garba dance.

Having foods that are high in calories and fat might affect you and make you fatigued quickly. Hence, it is good to choose foods that are low in fat and calories and also rich in fibre and other nutrients, especially during the nine days of Navratri.

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This helps in providing you with the needed energy, so that you could play and enjoy the Garba festival with full fervour. This list of essential foods, which you could include in your daily diet for Navratri, will make sure you have all the energy to rock the dance floor. Take a look.


1. Honey:

If you are feeling tired and fatigued while you play Dandiya and Garba, have a teaspoon of honey, or add it to a bowl of yogurt and then have it. It helps in providing instant energy.


2. Brown Rice:

Rich in carbohydrates and protein, brown rice helps in providing the body the needed amount of energy to play the dance form whole night long.


3. Sweet Potatoes:

Rich in vitamins and beta-carotene, sweet potatoes are one of the best energy-providing foods. Sweet potato can be boiled as well as baked and eaten.


4. Almonds:

One of the best known nuts, almonds help in energising the body, thus helping it fight fatigue.


5. Banana:

Banana is one of the best sources of glucose that helps in providing the needed amount of energy to get going with Garba or Dandiya the whole night.


6. Orange:

Having an orange helps boost the vitamin, fibre, and pectin content and provide energy to the body. One could just snack on it before heading on to play Dandiya or Garba, as it really helps.


7. Dates:

Dates is one of the best known energy providers there is. It helps in maintaining the sugar level in the body and keeps one energised.


8. Yogurt:

Yogurt is rich in vitamins, calcium, magnesium and potassium and also in good bacteria. It helps in providing the body with all the needed energy that is required to make it fit and energised all night through.


9. Sabudana:

Sabudana is an excellent source of carbohydrates that boosts the much-needed energy while you play Dandiya and Garba. It can be consumed in the form of khichdi by adding certain types of dal.


10. Pulses:

Pulses like green gram, red gram, etc., are rich in protein, fibres, vitamins and minerals. It forms an excellent source of nutrients, providing the body with the needed amount of energy; as you indulge in Garba and Dandiya.


11. Cucumber:

Rich source of potassium and low in calories, cucumber helps in hydrating and providing the much needed energy to the body.


12. Carrot:

Have it in the form of a juice or just as raw pieces, carrot helps in providing the body with beta-carotene and all the needed energy that is required to play Garba and Dandiya.

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Story first published: Wednesday, September 28, 2016, 9:30 [IST]
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