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Common Facts About Heart Rate You Should Know !

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Why does one faint suddenly in the middle of the running session? We have also heard about people fainting and developing sudden cardiac arrest at the gym. All these could have been prevented, had the victim been a little careful about the heart rate.

Hence it is very essential to keep in mind certain common facts about the heart rate. Majority of us do not take a note about the heart rate.

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When we feel a little feverish we measure the body temperature or for that matter we check the blood pressure, when we feel a little giddy. But how do we even know if our heart rate is normal or how do we measure the heart rate?

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You must be hearing quite often that the number of heart related diseases and cases are on the rise. As the very famous saying goes - 'Precaution is better than cure' so also in this case if all of us are a little careful about the heart rate, then probably we would be able to reduce the number of heart related disease to a certain extent.

In order to do this, here are a few common facts about the heart rate you should know. Have a look.

Common Facts About Heart Rate You Should Know !

Fact #1. What Is A Normal Heart Rate?

Heart rate is the number of times a heart beats in one minute. However, the heart rate varies from person to person, as per their age and activity level. But for an adult the standard heart rate of 60-80 beats per minute is considered as normal. Anything above this will increase the risk of heart attack in a person or any other cardiac related problem. Sometimes the heart rate fluctuates when your activity level increases or when you are too stressed.

Common Facts About Heart Rate You Should Know !

Fact #2. Where To Measure The Heart Rate?

If you want to measure the heart rate, just place your hands around your wrists or the side of your neck; you can feel the beat of your blood pumping. You could count the beat in order to know your heart rate. You could also use a stop watch to know the heart rate.

Currently there are several wearable fitness gadgets that have come up which you could tie around your wrists and this gives you the accurate heart rate measurement.
All these keep you well informed about the heart rate and help in avoiding any heart related fatality.

Common Facts About Heart Rate You Should Know !

Fact #3. When Is The Right Time To Measure The Heart Rate?

The best time to get your heart rate measured is while you are in a relaxed state of mind while you are lying down and not stressed out. It is always better to measure the heart rate in the morning a few minutes after you wake up from your sleep. This will give the exact heart rate.

One should not consider measuring the heart rate soon after the exercise session or while you are stressed out.

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